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KnowDrugs shows the latest drugchecking / pill testing results from around the world, provides information on substances, effects and interactions and offers counselling and advice regarding substances, drugs and addiction.

KnowDrugs App - drugchecking, substance info and advice

What is DrugChecking?

DrugChecking, also called pill testing, is a process used to identify substances in illicitly traded products, such as ecstacy, speed or cocaine. Its aim is to prevent users from particularly dangerous cuts.

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Check recently tested drugs for ingredients, amounts and strength.

Drugchecking  is conducted by government-funded organisations in countries like Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain and France, but the results are spread across multiple websites.

KnowDrugs aggregates those drugchecking results and lets you search and filter them for name, location and substances.

What about my privacy?

The KnowDrugs app requires a minimum amount of permissions on your Android phone or iPhone and does not ask you to log-in or authenticate in any way.

We are not affiliated to any governmental organisation pay high attention to ensuring your privacy.

Substance Info

Inform yourself about the effects, side-effects and interactions of common and not-so-common drugs.

You want to know more about the specific effects of a certain substance that has been found in a pill? KnowDrugs provides you with the most relevant information for you to take informed decisions about your consumption behaviour.

KnowDrugs - Substance Info MDMA


Know what to do in case of an emergency to help others and protect yourself.

Many people don't know how to identify an emergency case and are overwhelmed by the situation.

KnowDrugs give you advice on how to act and lets you call an ambulance with one tap in case you or someone needs it.

KnowDrugs - Counselling


Find help and advice when you're having problems with or without drugs.

The barrier to seek help and advice for people consuming drugs is high. KnowDrugs only lists counselling services which follow the accepting approach. Their mission is not to make you quit taking drugs, but empowering you to take your own decisions and helping you to reduce the risks of taking drugs.

Support harm-reduction and health education

Maintaining and developing an app like KnowDrugs is a challenging task. KnowDrugs is a 100% not-for-profit project that depends on volunteers and donations. Please support this project with your donation, so we can continue to provide information that could save lives.